Kids are just funny

Published 11:55 pm Monday, August 1, 2011

Jennifer Curry shared this story about her children.

“My son, Ethan, then 6, and my daughter, Addy, then 3, were so excited to help me wrap presents last year for Christmas.  While Ethan was wrapping one of his daddy’s new pairs of pants, he told his sister, ‘Now Addy, you can’t tell Daddy what is in here, it has to be a big surprise!’

“Mad at her brother, she looked up at him and said, “EE, I know how to keep a secret!”

“Later that day when Daddy came home, Addy ran up to him and said, ‘Daddy I ain’t gonna tell you that you got new pants for Christmas!’ “

There are now 134 children enrolled in the Covington County Imagination Library, which distributes a book each month to every child enrolled from birth to kindergarten. This week, the library welcomes four wee ones to the Imagination Library roll, including Ryan E. Douglas of Andalusia; Harrison P. DuBose of Andalusia; Camani Anderson of River Falls; and Asher B. Ramer of Opp.