LBWCC welcomes new faculty members

Published 11:53 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LBW Community College President Dr. Herb Riedel ann-ounced the recent appointment of new faculty at all campus locations.

“We are very pleased and excited about the level of instructional services for students through the selection of highly qualified and experienced faculty,” Riedel said. “We are also pleased to have, for the first time, financial aid assistance full-time on the Green-ville campus.”

On the Andalusia campus, Maria Thigpen was selected for the position of social science instructor. She taught courses as adjunct instructor with LBWCC and Troy Univ-ersity. In addition, Thigpen has taught Spanish through the LBWCC Upward Bound program since 2003.

On the MacA-rthur campus, selected for full-time positions are registered nurses Karen Walker, April Wise and Tawanna Young in the nursing program; David Brawner, welding instructor; Allen Teel, industrial electronics instructor; Sha-nnon Gra-ham, Engl-ish instructor; Susan Manr-ing, diagnostic medical sonography program director and instructor; and Candy Watkins, therapeutic massage instructor.