New Opp pool would cost $230K

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Opp residents interested in the possibility of a new city pool should keep their “eyes and ears” open for a community meeting in the coming weeks.

Councilman Jimmy Rogers said Monday night he will conduct an interest meeting to see how the community could come up with the money needed to rebuild a city pool in the old pool near the First Methodist Church.

In June, Rogers brought the issue of having a second city pool to the board at the request of his constituents.

At one time, there were three functioning pools operated by the city in Opp, one on Hardin Street, one behind the First United Methodist Church and one owned by Opp and Micolas Mills. At present, only the Hardin Street pool, which is in the predominately black district of the city, is open.

Mayor H.D. Edgar said the funding isn’t available at the present time, but asked Rogers to solicit estimates from Cox Pools and Hughes Pools.

Recently, Cox Pools met with Rogers and gave an estimate of $230,000 to build a new pool inside the existing pool. The price includes the pump and filtering system of the pool. It is estimated it would cost an additional $20,000 to pour concrete on the outside of the pool, Rogers said.

The $230,000 estimate is for a 6-foot deep pool, which meets the code for public pools, Rogers said.

Rogers said he plans to secure the Opp Chamber of Commerce meeting room in the coming weeks, and will notify the media and public of a meeting time for public input.

“A lot of people are interested,” he said.