I’ve caught energy flu

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It is one of those days. The sun shines bright through my window; the birds sing in the big oak tree; my cat sleeps peacefully in his favorite spot. All seems right in my corner of the world.

So why am I walking around under a cloud feeling like a thunderstorm might break out over me any minute. There is no rhyme or reason to a blue funk day. It simply shows up for a visit, I suppose.

It’s been a while since one came calling and I’m asking myself why today. There is nothing going on in my life to cause the heaviness I’m feeling. In fact, things are going swimmingly. Still that little nudge of anxiety persists.

Finally, I follow an urge that’s been pushing at me for about half an hour and call a friend. She answers the phone with a, “Hello, how are you?”

“Well, I don’t quite know,” I reply. Then I attempt to put into words what I’ve felt all morning.

“Me, too,” she says. “What’s up with that?”

“I don’t know,” I say, “but I don’t like it. I feel like I just might pitch a little fit.”

“I did pitch one,” she says, laughing.

She went on to say she couldn’t seem to get going and it really aggravated her to feel that way. I agreed again. We talked a little longer, speculating on the cause of our mild case of the blues.

“At least I’m glad to know it isn’t just me,” I say, “but it is strange that we both have this going on at the same time.”

Not 10 minutes after I hang up, my phone rings and I hear another friend’s voice.

“Just thought I’d confirm for you that you have a crazy friend,” she says. “I’m just here wandering around my house and I can’t seem to get it together.”

The conversation that follows has a striking resemblance to the one I just had with the other friend. When I asked if he ever had “those days,” even my husband admitted to feeling a little like what I described.

So, I sat for a while thinking about what might explain the mood that seems to be traveling around and amongst some of us. What struck me is that maybe we are picking up on something in the air, some global energy virus.

I mean if you listen to or read any news right now the prevailing mood of the world seems to be anger, anxiety and fear. Oh and don’t forget blame because everyone seems to be playing that game.

Now I don’t presume to know the workings of such things but it does seem that it might be possible for us to tune into mass feelings, kind of like my television picks up a signal if it’s strong enough. So perhaps I, and my friends who agree that, like me, there is nothing in their lives to cause a blue funk day, have caught a good case of global energy flu.

Or maybe this oppressive humidity and heat has finally fried my brain. Whatever it is, I’ve decided the best thing to do is put on some good music, pour a big glass of cold ice tea, kick off my shoes, kick back the recliner and wait because I know this too shall pass. Tomorrow is another day. The sun will rise, the birds will sing and my personal cloud will surely melt away.

Why I think maybe I feel a little better already.