Man hits beaver, thrown from bike

Published 12:02 am Friday, September 2, 2011

One might say that luck was on Jeremy Gomillion’s side last week after his motorcycle collided with a beaver in Glenwood last Wednesday, but he says it was “all God.”

Gomillion, who lives in the Red Level area, travels to Brundidge to work, where he’s a manager at Wal-Mart Distri-bution Center.


Gomi-llion said his shift ended like any other night, but he kept forgetting minor things to finish up his job.

“I forgot to do things that I never forget,” he said. “So I walked out the door and then went back inside to finish.”

Gomillion said he stopped for gas before coming home and a friend and coworker from Andalusia, Steve French, pulled up.

“Steve usually gets off three or four hours after I do,” he said. “But that night he got off early.”

Gomillion said as he made it to Glenwood, he passed a sharp curve and there was a beaver in the middle of the road.

“I had seen six deer before then,” he said. “In my mind, I was watching for deer. I hit that beaver and went rolling. I don’t remember much after that, but I do remember rolling and hitting the road.”

French was behind him and was able to flag down an 18-wheeler two minutes later, a car and another 18-wheeler within five minutes of the accident to keep them from running over Gomillion.

He was transported to Crenshaw Community Hospital in Luverne before being transferred to Baptist Medical Center in Montgomery.

“I didn’t know much for a few days,” he said. “I came to and I remember being in an accident.”

Gomillion said doctors told his wife, Melissa, that he would be in ICU for at least three days.

He underwent a fasciotomy on his leg in which he had broken both bones above his ankle and below his knee.

“They cut both sides of my leg,” Gomillion said.

In fact, doctors expected him to be in the hospital for a long time.

“They told Melissa not to count the days, but to count the weeks,” Gomillion said. “They told her I was going to be in there for a long time, and that they didn’t have high expectations for my leg.”

But Gomillion said God played a big part his hospital stay.

“I was moved out of ICU 14 hours later,” he said. “We had a lot of people praying. I was able to move my toes, and had an amazingly strong pulse in my leg.”

On Saturday, Gomillion underwent another surgery.

“He (the doctor) wasn’t very optimistic,” he said. “He told us he wasn’t going to sugar coat it, and said I had a lot of dead muscle and tissue that needed to be removed.”

When Gomillion came out of surgery, the only thing the doctors saw was a portion in the middle of the muscle had died, but doctors told him it would shrink up.

“They didn’t have to remove anything,” he said. “It’s partially open right now.”

Despite doctors’ predictions he was able to come home Monday.

“I spent six days in the hospital, instead of multiple weeks,” he said. “All the doctor could say was I was lucky. All I can say is God must not be ready for me to stop walking.”

“The doctor told us before his surgery that his tissue and muscles were already dead,” Melissa Gomillion said. “He was like, ‘I’ve never seen this before.’”

“It doesn’t really hit you until you hear how serious this was,” Jeremy Gomillion said. “It’s life-changing. It’s all God. I give him all the credit.”

Doctors expect Gomillion to be able to fully function on his leg once he heals from surgery.