Help Kiwanians save more lives

Published 1:55 am Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good morning friends:

I wish to express my appreciation to Mrs. C. R. Grundy for her coverage and explanation of the Kiwanis Eliminate Project Aug. 20, 2011. This project to save 56,400 infants yearly (one infant every nine minutes) in 38 countries from maternal neonatal tetanus is a bold step forward for humanity. This excruciatingly painful death robs infants of a chance for life and their parents of loving children.

This dreadful disease is preventable by immunizing the mothers prior to the birth of their children. Three tetanus vaccinations which cost a total of $1.80 are needed. The Eliminate project will also provide education for mothers and midwives and birthing kits to sanitize the birthing procedure.

What can we do? Support your local Kiwanis club with fund raising. Alabama is to save 1,129,000 lives by raising $2,040,000 by the year 2015. For every $1.80 donated, at least one life is saved. We have the technology to fulfill this goal and the system is in place with Unicef to deliver vaccinations and education. Money for the vaccine and supplies is all that is needed. I encourage you to give to this bold and life saving project.

The Alabama Kiwanis Convention hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Andalusia was splendid. Hospitality was superb and the Kiwanis facility just what was needed.

Thanks also to the “portly gentleman” for the grand visit and tour of Andalusia.


David B. Beasley, Coordinator

Alabama Kiwanis Eliminate Project