Kids are just funny

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You’ve got to be cute to pull this one off.

“My youngest daughter, Chelsea, was 4 years old and thought I was ‘the cats meow,’ “ Davidica Harris recalled. “She had the cutest dimples and everyone was always saying how cute she was with her dimples and was always asking her where she got her dimples from.

“One morning she was laying on my bed while I was getting dressed and said, ‘Mommy I know where I got my dimples from.’

“I replied, ‘Where from, sweet baby?’

She then said, “from the back of your legs.”

“Chelsea is now 24 years old and I have three children so there are many funny stories through the years but this is my favorite,” Harris said.

There are now 159 children enrolled in the Covington County Imagination Library, which distributes a book each month to every child enrolled from birth to kindergarten.

This week, the library added seven children to the roll, including: Izaella A. Senn, and Easton M. Carter, both of Opp; Adlyn B. Kelley, Red Level; Gavin J. Odom, William A. Carpenter, Lloyd T. Martin, and Addison S. Lee, all of Andalusia.

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