Scarecrows needed for Opp event

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yes, even scarecrows have weddings, or at least these did at last year’s Scarecrows in the park. | File photo

Scarecrows are needed for this year’s “Scarecrows in the Park” event held annually at Frank Jackson State Park in Opp.

The event, which is sponsored by the Frank Jackson Trailmasters, is in its fourth year and will take place in October and November.

“We encourage businesses, the community, schools – everyone to participate,” Kenneth Short said previously. “We want a lot of people to come out. It’s great advertising.”

During last year’s event, more than 350 scarecrows were on display including lumberjacks, Humpty Dumpty and Santa Claus, and Trailmasters are expecting even more this year.

Those interested in having a scarecrow in the park can use their imagination to create their own scarecrow, officials said.

Materials used range from PVC pipe to wood, coat hangers and tomato cages.

“Use your imagination. It can be something related to your business, your hobbies or whatever you can dream up,” he said. “Please place a sign identifying your exhibit or you may choose to dress the scarecrow in a company uniform or hat with your logo.”

The group suggested that participants not use anything they can’t live without, such as grandmother’s bonnet.

“We will be in the middle of hurricane season, and that means winds and rain,” Short said. “Also the display areas will be along nature trails, and we have lots of critters in the park who will think anything you use in your display is for them and can be eaten or used to make a nest.”

Displays will be set up Sept. 24 through Sept. 29, and a grand opening celebration will be held Sept. 30.

Groups interested in taking a tour of the exhibit, should contact Short at 493-7248, Jenelle Kelsoe at 493-4419 or Marvin McCollough at 493-6577.