Kids are just funny

Published 12:18 am Tuesday, September 20, 2011

“Many years ago when we were living in Illinois, we rented a house next door to a couple of teachers,” Sandi Edgar of Opp recalled. “All summer long, our kids (three boys and our daughter) would see them outside in the yard. The husband would be mowing the grass or working in the yard, usually without his shirt on.

“That fall, our daughter entered kindergarten, and the first day of school, our neighbor (the husband) saw her in the hall and said ‘Hi Lori.’ She acted like she didn’t know him.

“He said ‘It’s me, Mr.———-.’ Our daughter looked right at him and said (in front of everyone) ‘Oh, Mr. ———, I didn’t know you with your clothes on!’

“He told us about the incident that evening and said he had a lot of explaining to do to the other adults in the hallway!”

This week, the library added four children to the library’s roll, including Barrett C. Bryan, Eden R. Popwell, Alyvia C. Butler and Adelyn R. Craig, all of Andalusia.

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