Rabid raccoon found locally

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 13, 2011

An emaciated raccoon that was behaving erratically and was killed at 2000 Lindsey Bridge Road this past weekend was rabid, testing at Auburn University confirmed. The address is inside the city limits of Andalusia.

Dr. Toby Atkinson said while this raccoon didn’t attack anyone, it is a reminder of the importance to keep pet vaccinations up to date.

“Rabies is everywhere,” he said. “Pets are the buffers who typically get exposed and keep us from getting it.”

Atkinson advised that anyone who sees an animal behaving suspiciously should call animal control if they are inside the city limits.

“If you think the animal should be killed, you don’t want to damage the brain,” he said. “That’s what is used for testing.”