Florida man jailed for grand theft auto

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Florida man wanted for grand theft auto was found “walking” under the influence in Opp Monday.

Opp Police officers were called to U.S. Hwy. 331, after receiving a report of a suspicious male in the area.

Opp Police Chief Nickey Carnley said when officers arrived, they found Johnny Tidwell, 30, of Panama City, Fla.

“During a roadside interview, Mr. Tidwell appeared to have been under the influence,” Carnley said.

Officers discovered Tidwell was wanted on felony charges and warrants in the State of Florida for grand theft auto and strong arm robbery the same day, when he allegedly assaulted an on-duty convenience store clerk.

After assaulting the cashier, Tidwell is allegedly stole the cashier’s 2005 Nissan the report stated.

Opp Police officers found the cashier’s car in a wooded area at the intersection of Hwy 331 and Beulah Road.

Tidwell is charged with harassment, being a fugitive from justice and pedestrian under the influence.

He is being held in the Covington County Jail without bond, and is awaiting extradition to Florida.