Why are religious groups in schools?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am concerned over the use of religion in politics, such as the preacher in the news saying a man running for president was in a cult. I then thought about our local school, W.S. Harlan, and Camp Victory’s relationship. The group comes to the school and has Bible lessons in a trailer they park in the school parking area and use electricity from the school. My child is homeschooled, but we have to report to our local school district every year and we pay taxes for the schools. I have contacted Mr. Holley and received no response from him about public schools endorsing religious groups. It is on the school’s calendar two days a month, the school sends home forms for this, they are parking in front of the school and using public funds for electricity. I think it is time to enforce the separation of church and state, even in Alabama.

Gwen Kimbro