Resident has interest in asbestos-ridden house

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 21, 2011

For weeks the city of Opp has been contemplating the next step in removing the pool house located at the old pool near the Methodist Church, but the mayor said this week he may have found a solution.

Last month, city leaders were told the building contains asbestos, and the city would have to hire a special team to clean up the asbestos.

City leaders agreed recently that the project would not be a priority, since asbestos cleanup costs a significant amount of money, and poses no harm if undisturbed.

Mayor H.D. Edgar said this week that Opp resident Church Patterson has shown interest purchasing the top portion of the building, which is still in good condition. The foundation and lower portion is not repairable.

Edgar said it would save the city several thousands of dollars if Patterson were to move it.

“I believe he can move it for about $7,500,” he said. “If we were to sell it to him for a $1, he would be responsible for relocating from the city’s property and everything that goes along with it.

Councilman Oren Stewart asked if the city was obligated to declare the property surplus and seek bids on it.

Edgar said he would consult with city attorney Wesley Laird before any decision was made.