Opp still discussing ways to better debris pick-up system

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Opp City Council this week discussed once again their dismay with the current limb pick-up schedule within the city.

Mayor H.D. Edgar asked the council if they had come up with a solution, but no one had a better solution.

City Clerk Connie Smith said she called around to the cities of Andalusia and Elba to see what their procedure was for picking up limbs and other debris.

Smith told council members Andalusia has a nine-person crew complete with four trucks and a loader, and the crews rotate around town once a week.

In Elba, the city uses two knuckle boom trucks, which is what the city currently uses, and they scour the city once a week.

Currently, city employees make their way around Opp once a month picking up limbs and other debris.

Earlier this month, council members and the mayor expressed their dissatisfaction with the “hit or miss” cleanup by city crews.

The mayor told the council he had been talking with the street department about making changes.

The council tossed around the idea of having a call-in system, where residents could call city hall and have their limbs picked up the next day.

Smith expressed her concern because the administration is already operating off of a bare bones staff.

The city does have a part-time office person who works half a day after lunch.

The mayor suggested perhaps the part-time person could take the phone calls when she comes to work.

“We’ll formulate a little plan and put it to the council at the next meeting,” he said.