ACS to change fundraising policy; requests will go through Watson

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fundraising within the Andalusia City Schools system will change again in the coming weeks.

Though no official action was taken, all board members present at Monday night’s meeting agreed that it was essential to give Superintendent Ted Watson authority to approve and disapprove fundraising.

Currently, if a club or sports organization in the school system wishes to conduct a fundraiser, the sponsor must submit, in writing, a request to the principal, who in turn recommends it for board approval.

If a fundraiser needs to take place in between board meetings, a special-called meeting must take place for approval.

“We have had some problems when something was given and it needed to be taken care of in between board meetings,” Watson said.

The board is expected to change its policy at its Nov. 14 board meeting.

Spo-nsors will still have to submit requests in writing to the principal, but Watson would have the authority to determine if it is acceptable.

“We are not trying to discourage anyone from raising money,” said board president Bill King. “We just have so many going on, we want there to be a way to find out if they are legitimate fundraisers.”

King told Watson the board would be available to help make decisions on fundraisers, if needed.

During its board meeting, the board approved:

• A fundraiser for the Andalusia High School Anchor Club in order to raise money for various projects the club sponsors for the community. The goal is $600, and will begin Nov. 5;

• A fundraiser for the AHS baseball team to raise funds for its program by selling signs for outfield fence. The goal is to raise $5,000 from December to February.