Local serial check writer wanted

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Area merchants and residents are warned to be on the look out for a serial bad check writer.

Sklyar Whitney Hill, 24, of Andalusia, is wanted on 16 counts of negotiating a worthless instrument, or “bad checks,” after purchasing nearly $3,000 of merchandise without having money in the bank to cover the costs, said District Attorney’s Office Investigator Max Smith.


“And it wasn’t at one particular store, either,” Smith said of the purchases. “It was from all parts of the county, including Florala. When you add the court costs of each of those checks, she’s looking at a total right now of $10,907.

“Because of the volume of bad checks written by Ms. Hill in recent months, we strongly discourage any Covington County merchant from accepting checks from her,” he said. “We’re asking that owners put up her picture where cashiers can see it, so maybe she won’t slip in and cost the business owner more money.”

Smith said anyone with information on Hill’s whereabouts is asked to call the 911 Center at 334-428-2447.