Reality TV makes us lose touch with reality

Published 10:58 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the TV; in the line at the grocery store, and even on the radio. It seems as if I can’t escape her face or the sound of her name.

In fact, the only place I haven’t seen her name mentioned is in this newspaper until now.

Who is it one might ask?

I’ll tell you – Kim “who cares that she’s getting a divorce after being married for only 72 days” Kardashian, that’s who.

I had thought about writing about the wonderful service on Sunday for the late Judge. Bill Baldwin and how it made me think, “I wonder what people will say about me when I’m gone.”

Sunday’s service was an example of how living an exemplary life leaves a lasting impact on the others around you.

Then, I had great designs to write a fabulous piece for today’s paper about the glories of anticipating Thanksgiving dinner and our table’s lack of tarted up turkeys (Thanks Mr. Bragg, via Southern Living. That one made me laugh out loud).

Instead, I find myself writing about tarts in general, and I’m not talking about the good kind with peaches inside like they serve at Durbin Farms, either – which, incidentally, I love.

No, I’m talking about the kind that my mother would have snatched back in the house and told to go put on some clothes and to wash that face.

I don’t understand America’s fascination with the wealthy and rich. Just because you’re pretty and have money shouldn’t make television producers want to put you on cable. Same concept if you’re 16 and pregnant, have 17 kids or are making a toddler compete for a crown.

It’s like reality TV has caused people to lose touch with reality.

Granted, I understand that no one wants to watch a TV show about Miguel’s search for both a job and a home, or how the Watsons down the street are packing up because they lost the house. But the reality in this nation is just that – unemployment, homelessness, immigration and foreclosure. Depressing, I know. Still, I’d rather watch something that made me think a little, rather than something that chronicles whether or not Mrs. Humphries – no wait, Ms. Kardashian – has to return her wedding gifts.