Budding chefs share holiday menus

Published 12:01 am Thursday, November 24, 2011

As tables everywhere are loaded with Thanksgiving feasts today, The Star-News asked a few budding cooks about their most favorite turkey day food and how, if Mom turned over the reins in the kitchen, they’d prepare it for family and friends.

Some first grade students at Andalusia Elementary were pretty traditional in their ideas.

Miley Furr’s answer showed she was a girl of simplistic tastes.

“I’d cook a turkey, and I’d do it normal,” she said.

Britt Colton said he, too, would cook the turkey.

“This is what I’d do,” he said. “I’d get it out. Put it in the oven. Cook it 10 minutes. Get it out and get the plates ‘cause then we’d cut it up and eat it. I know it be good ‘cause I cooked it.”

Connon Dalton said his family would dine on not only a turkey, but also chicken.

“I’d get that turkey, kill it and grill it for 30 seconds,” he said. “Then, I’d cut it up in half and then grill that part for 87 seconds.

“And I’d get us some corn, too,” he said. “Get it out of the field and put it in the oven for two minutes at 30 degrees. Yum, yum.”

Fleeta students had their own ideas as well.

Candace Hurst said she’d bake a pecan pie.

“You use gooey stuff and put pecans on top,” she said. “It’s my favorite.”

John Bradley Butler said he’d make a peanut butter sandwich.

“You just make them with peanut butter and bread,” he said. “Then I’d put a toothpick in them.”

Camron Wilson said he’d cook a big turkey.

“I’d put all kinds of seasonings and stuff on it,” he said. “You know, the normal way. I reckon that’s all I’d do.”

For Amber Harr-ison, her pick was buttermilk pie.

“I know it’s made from buttermilk, eggs, sugar and pie crust,” she said. “It’s delicious.”

Corey Doster’s choice was of the traditional variety as well.

“I’d make mashed potatoes,” he said. “You mash the potatoes, add a little milk and salt.”

Mason Inman said he’d cook his own version of turducken, but with only turkey and ham – “a turham.”

“I’d cook them ham and turkey all mix it all together and chop it up,” he said.