Banish bah, humbugs! Santa’s on his way

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Because of a scheduling conflict with the other parental unit on Black Friday, I had to bring the girls in with me to work for a bit.

I went to the break room, grabbed the first cup that touched my hand and poured myself a cup of hot caffeinated ambrosia.

As I sat down to enjoy that first scalding sip, a scathing voice rang out, and I had to pause with the cup halfway to my mouth.

“Momma, that cup says you hate Christmas,” the oldest said.

At some point, someone had brought in a red cup stenciled with various sayings, including “Bah humbug.”

I mumbled something about it being just a cup and she went about her business. But, she did have a point. I’m not a Scrooge, but I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit.

I’ve made plans for the holiday dinner and worked out the menu, but I haven’t bought any presents. That’s probably a good thing considering that I haven’t put together, let alone decorated, the tree.

I just can’t get into it.

Just a few days ago, it was 80 degrees outside, and we were wearing shorts and playing in the front yard. On Monday, we woke up to freezing temperatures and talks of snow in northern Alabama.

The weather could be a reason why it’s taking me a while to get into the spirit of things, but probably not. It’s more of the fact that time seems to fly these days. You go to bed in July and wake up in November. Then, it seems that Thanksgiving – which is my absolutely favorite holiday – gets skimmed over in preparation for the commercialization of Christmas.

I’m usually very into buying presents. Picking out the perfect gift is a personal challenge that I normally gleefully accept every year.

I’ll tell you how much I’m not into the holiday spirit – I skipped Black Friday.

Normally, I’m all about hitting the sales, getting the goods and enjoying watching other strange people nearly go to blows over a $249 laptop or $98 television.

I did take the oldest to do her holiday shopping that day, but I did not purchase a single thing on the biggest shopping day of the season.

I’m trying really hard to get into the groove of things. I did buy a new wreath and mat for the front door, so I guess that’s a start.

I am getting a little excited about it being our first Christmas in the new house – especially when it was pointed out that I could be the most awesome mom of all time if I let the girls camp out in front of the fireplace to wait for Santa’s arrival.

I think I may be warming up to the idea of Christmas – pun intended.