ACS: Algebra will still be option

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Andalusia Middle School eighth grade math teacher Meredith Beck explains a problem to Jaxon Rudolph.


Despite the implementation of the common core standards, students in the Andalusia City Schools system will still be able to take every math that is “expected” from the system, officials said Monday night.

The board approved a plan at the recommendation of Superintendent Ted Watson that would allow eighth graders “who are ready” to take algebra I.

Traditionally, algebra I has been offered at the middle school level, and students at the high school level have the opportunity to take calculus before going to college.

With the common core standards, algebra I has been pushed to the high school level, a measure deemed by many in the secondary school system as “detrimental” to the system already in place.

However, students at Andalusia Middle School will still had the opportunity to take the class if they score adequately on the Orleans-Hannah Algebra Prognosis Test, Watson told the board. It is a problem solving assessment to help predict the student’s readiness for algebra courses.

“We’ll also consider their grades,” Watson said. “This test is very favorable for those who should be in Algebra I in the eighth grade.”

Watson said the test would be given at the end of the a student’s seventh grade year.

“For those who may not score high enough, it really won’t set them back,” he said. “With us using the block schedule, it gives students the opportunity to double up on math courses any year.”