If I could give anyone in the world something…

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas is a time of giving, and recently, a group of area students weighed in on if they could give anyone in the world something this holiday, to whom would they give it and what would it be.

At Andalusia Elementary School, Brynnleigh Palmer said she would shower her grandmother with clothes and shoes because she loves them.

“I would especially get her a sparkly shirt,” Palmer said.

Annabelle Gantt said her cousin Payton would be at the top of her list.

“I’d get her a makeup box with stars on it, just beca-use,” Gantt said.

Talan Worley had two people on his list – his mother and baby brother.

“I’d get my mom some new shoes – some sparkly ones,” he said. “And I’d get my brother a toy.”

At first, Cody Smith, the group’s classmate, was confused with the question. He said he’d get a Play Station 3 and some games because that was what he “really, really, really, really wanted.”

When it was explained a little more, it only took him a second to come up with another answer.

“I’d get my next door neighbor TJ a PS3 and some games, then I could go over and play it,” he said.

At Red Level Elementary School, Alyssa Arnold said she’d give people who have nothing new clothes and shoes.

Tiffany Lee agreed.

“I’d give orphans shoes,” she said.

Tayvon Smith said he’d regift his items to his best friend.

“I’d give them something I didn’t want,” he said.

Caleb Jernigan kept with the giving spirit to the needy.

“I’d probably give them what they absolutely needed,” he said.

Caylee Douglas said she’d help the children who were affected by the April tornadoes.

“I’d give them toys and make sure they have electricity,” she said.

Makayla Harrelson said she’d send those who have nothing flowers and toys.