Sant answers children’s best questions

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa stopped for a few minutes this week to answer local school children’s questions via email. | File photo


There’s always been a few things we’d all like to ask Santa, and believe it or not, The Star-News was lucky enough to score an interview with the man in red himself.

In the weeks leading up to the Christmas break, Star-News staff members asked area school children to submit their most pressing questions. The best ones were emailed to the North Pole and answered by Jolly Ol’ Nick himself.

Q: “How do you get your Santa hat to stay on while you are riding in the sleigh?” – Molly Martin, a kindergartener at Red Level

A: Molly, I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that question before! I can tell you are a super smart girl, and according to my list, a very nice one. To get my hat to stay on I use Santa glue. It sprays on just like hair spray. It helps keep my hat – and my hair – on! It was developed by Bangs, my top elf scientist, who apparently had a similar problem while out riding his snowmobile at the North Pole.

Q: “What do reindeer do when it’s not Christmastime?” – Eli Vickery, kindergartener at Red Level

A: They like to dig in the snow to find and eat winter reindeer food. They work so hard during the season, they like to sit around and be lazy and eat. In warmer weather, they eat a lot of grass.

Q: “Why do you have a big stomach? Do you like chicken and rice?” – Mariah Crowell, kindergartener at Red Level

A: I can’t believe you guessed Mrs. Claus’ secret! I love chicken and rice, and eat too much of it. My lovely wife uses a special sauce that makes the chicken taste so good and she has so much experience cooking that the rice is never clumpy or sticky!

Q: Do you know Ace our elf at Andalusia Elementary School? – Tyler Josey, first grade at AES

A: Absolutely! I met him at our annual ‘Elf on a Shelf’ orientation in November. I heard he had quite the experience meeting Andy the Bulldog. He’s been telling me about all the good little boys and girls at AES – and about how those teachers and your principal can dance.

Q: How many elfs (sp) do you have? – Brittany Bates, fourth grader at Straughn

A: Brittany, I get that a lot, but to tell you the truth, I have too many helpers to count. Jenny in payroll didn’t answer my email, so I’ll have an answer next year.

Q: This list of questions came from Conner McDaniel, also a student at SES: 1) What do you do in the summer? 2) What is your favorite TV show? 3) Where do your reindeer sleep?

A: Conner, I could tell from the time you were a baby you were an inquisitive thing! In the summer, I rest. My favorite thing to do is…nothing! I love to lie around and read a good book or visit with Mrs. Claus. My favorite TV show is Spongebob Squarepants. He’s square; I’m round! I think that is so funny. And as for the reindeer, they sleep in the reindeer barn – which is complete with a humongous flat screen TV and apples. Little known fact, reindeer love apples, so if you want to leave some out with those cookies tonight, that’ll be fine, too!