Substitutes don’t get fair chance

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it any wonder there is such a need for sub-drivers? Under the current system, substitutes with superior knowledge and riving experience vying for full time positions are routinely passed over, in order to give the position to a driver with less experience.

According to the Covington County School System application process, drivers are hired according to their experience. Yet, on multiple occasions, substitute drivers with only a year or two of experience have been rewarded with a full-time position, while a substitute driver with five-plus years of experience were completely ignored.

Furthermore, drivers who already have other means of making a living are hired full time, to enjoy county benefits, while more experienced, seasoned drivers are left to try to make a living off the meager $40 per day that is paid to substitute drivers, without the security of county benefits.

Another example of a few gulping the whole pie and leaving the crumbs for everyone else. It’s no wonder new substitute drivers aren’t enticed to drive, given the treatment of the experienced subs. Until the school system hired drivers based on their experience, and not on their conditions, substitute drivers will remain scarce.


Sonia Lee