Boys should behave

Published 12:01 am Saturday, January 7, 2012

I hope you all read the editorial page letter sent in about the shortage of substitute bus drivers written by Sonia Lee.

I absolutely agree with her statements as to the hiring practices of the Covington County schools in regards to promoting substitute drivers to fulltime drivers. As in many schools, the principal of the county schools should not be the ones making the decisions of what to hire fulltime. I believe it should be done by the board of education and not made by those who seem to hire friends or people who are not in line for promotions to fill-time drivers. According to Ms. Lee, she has been in line for full-time jobs that have been given to others who (do) not have the experience she has. This seems to me to be political hiring practices and should not be tolerated.

When one is in line to be promoted to full-time and has requested that job and is overlooked by these principals for their time to be promoted, something is wrong with the system of hiring. This can be corrected by the board of education of these county schools or the people can correct it when they vote.

I hope that Ms. Lee will be treated fairly and not overlooked because of her letter to the editor, but we shall see, won’t we?

Barbara Black,



If you had boys or maybe other ones and they went in other people yards at night, say maybe 16 through 18 years of age and tore up their solar lights for something to do, what would you do if they were caught? Well, I have had two of mine torn up through the holidays, and I had one of our police officers up here and he saw this and told me what do do and then they could catch whoever is doing this. I had already thought of this. Let me tell you one thing. If I found out who is doing this, believe me, these boys or whoever, will go to court or jail for this, believe me. I will make it hot for them. If they know what I know I was then I would bring the head tops back and put them to where they belong. I have an idea who this is and if I have to stay up at night to catch them, I will. So boys, or whoever, I will be watching you every step you make.

Barbara Sue Dennis