Warrant issued for 2nd suspect

Published 1:56 am Saturday, January 14, 2012

Police are one step closer to apprehending a second suspect involved in the kidnapping and armed robbery of a Westgate Plaza retail clerk on Dec. 30.

Anda-lusia Police Chief Wilbur Williams said Thursday during a department-sponsored community concerns meeting that investigators had obtained a warrant for the man’s arrest.

The incident was described as a random, spur of the moment decision by the men, who are from the Montgomery or Prattville area.

The first suspect, Jerome Edwards, 28, was taken into custody after he and two others allegedly tried to rob two clerks of a night deposit bag. One of the employees – who did not have the deposit – was approached by two suspects who demanded the woman give them the deposit and her car keys. She was forced into the car at gunpoint and later left behind the shopping center.

Williams said the woman was told to get into the trunk, but instead her quick thinking probably saved her life.

“She told them the trunk was broken, and I’m of the firm belief that had she gotten into that trunk, she would’ve been dead,” he said. “She’s is the best witness I’ve ever seen, with a nearly photographic memory. She was able to give us amazing details as to the suspects’ description and the details of the incident.”

The men fled; however, Edwards was shot with “birdshot” and later apprehended by hunters. He has been charged with robbery first, theft of property first, and kidnapping second. He is being held on a $1.5 million bond.

Williams said the warrants were signed Tuesday on a second suspect, but until an arrest is made, no information as to the suspect’s identity will be released.

“I hope we can report real soon that he has a new address under Sheriff (Dennis) Meeks’ care at the Blue Roof Inn,” he said, speaking of the county jail.