Business awards are back

Published 12:33 am Friday, January 20, 2012

David and Laura Darby of Darby’s Village Pharmacy were recognized for service.

The Andalusia Area Chamber of Commerce this year returned to the tradition of recognizing business of the year, honoring Pink Peppers, Gitty-Up-N-Go, Andalusia Manor/Savannah Terrace, and Darby’s Village Pharmacy.

Outgoing Chamber president Jana McGlamory said, “It’s rare that a business gets the pats on the back that they deserve. I wanted to acknowledge our outstanding businesses for their roles in industry and leadership; expansion – job creation; increasing sales; enhancing aesthetic value of property; innovation; dedication and service; and community involvement. So our board worked to adopt a standard for honoring the business in four categories and hopes to accept nominations for these in the coming years:”


Marianne Harper Dubose of Pink Peppers with Ashley Eiland.

Mom & Pop Business of the Year Award

“This award highlights the 1-9 employee business that has taken a chance and carved out a niche for themselves in an already vibrant business community,” MaGlamory said. “They have added their own style and determination and shown success in their first year of business. After a year of personal loss and dedication to her goal, she would make her dad very proud. Congratulations to Marrianne Harper DuBose and Pink Peppers as our Mom & Pop Business of the Year.”




Roy Mohon of Gitty-Up-N-Go with Ashley Eiland.

Small Business of the Year Award

“This award goes to the 10-74 employee run business, who has continued to grow and serve this community for the last 18 years,” McGlamory said. “This business has flourished, withstanding even the closing of River Falls Street, and as it has, its owner has given back to this community in very generous ways. It is an honor tonight, to award Roy Mohon and Gitty Up-N-Go, Inc. this year’s Small Business of the Year award. “




Stallion, Sterling and Sheila Sasser, Sal.Lee Sasser-Williams of Andalusia Manor/Savannah Terrace.

Large Business of the Year Award

“For the 75-plus employee business, the Chamber cannot say enough about how this business has shown its support both to us as an organization, but to our community and its citizens,” McGlamory said. “As it has grown and invested in the lives of our families, we owe a great debt of gratitude to the Sasser family and Andalusia Manor / Savannah Terrace facility. They are truly vested in this community and make it a better place to grow old!”


Business of the Year Service Award

“To the business that has truly served our community for the last 15 years, David and Laura Darby have invested and given back to our community on every level,” McGlamory said. “From his civic involvement and passion for making a difference in local and state government, to his support of every local school and youth program in the county, there is rarely a time that they say “no,” to anyone. With service like that, it is fitting that Darby’s Pharmacy receive our Business of the Year Service Award.”