Docena Y’Tres honors Armstrong’s memory

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 21, 2012

On the night of Dec. 13, Docena Y’Tres president, Mary Avery, hosted the traditional Docena Christmas dinner at her lovely home on Grand Oak Drive.

Nine club members, each bearing an especially delicious covered dish for the occasion, all enjoyed the spirit of Christmas as glittering Christmas decorations greeted them inside and out.

In attendance were Mary Avery, Betty Bass, Jean Jones, Jerri Stroud, Nina Keenam, Lucy Martin, Jenny Pitts and Judy Buck.

This meeting was particularly poignant as it was the first meeting since the unexpected death of a beloved Docena Club member, Judy Armstrong. Earlier in the year, Docena project committee and the entire club had chosen for the Docena Y’Tres annual project to contribute funds to be used to purchase some new instruments for the Andalusia High School marching band. Judy Armstrong, herself a former teacher in the Andalusia school system, had approved of this contribution as the Docena Club project. After Judy’s demise, each Docena Club member wanted to add to the club contribution her own individual personal contribution as well. Additionally, the contribution to the Andalusia High School band would be an appropriate memorial gift given in Judy Armstrong’s name.

Judy Armstrong was a club member who is sorely missed. She was always happily and willingly involved wholeheartedly in club activities. For example, during the year, she was Docena Club vice-president, chairman of the program committee, chairman of the nominating committee, and she also served on the telephone committee.

To Docena Y’Tres members, it is a comforting thought that band instruments bought as a memorial to Judy Armstrong will be making delightfully beautiful music played by students for years to come, some of whom were perhaps taught by Judy herself. The money will be presented in April.