McCart announces District 2 seat bid

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 21, 2012

Randall McCart is announcing his candidacy for Covington County Commissioner District 2.

McCart, who is running on the Republican ticket, is a lifelong resident of Covington County and the 25-year owner of M&M Radiator and McCart Pecan.

He is a board member of the Covington County Catt-lemen’s Assoc-iation and a member of the Andalusia Farmers’ Co-Op nominating committee.

McCart said he believes “being practical and having common sense” will serve him well as a commissioner, if elected.

“I’ve always wanted to be a commissioner,” he said. “I feel like with my 25 years of business experience – from making the books balance to meeting and working with the public – that I can competently serve the needs of this county.

“The role of a county commissioner has changed, and as a community, we’ve all had to adapt to that change,” he said, speaking of the move to a unit system from a district system, where commissioners oversaw the maintenance of the county’s road system. “A commissioner’s biggest responsibility is to listen to his constituents’ cares and requests, relay those issues to the proper channels and, most importantly, to get resolution for those issues – and not just for the people of District 2, but for everyone in this county.”

McCart is the son of the late Thaddies “Pat” and the late Geraldine McCart of Andalusia. He and his wife, Lorene, have three children – Stacy Randall McCart, Amy Lynn Smith and Michael Moore.