AHS soccer try out successful

Published 12:03 am Friday, January 27, 2012

Andalusia soccer coach Tim Ramsden said the tryout on Tuesday night went well and that the field conditions were perfect.

“It went pretty good,” Ramsden said. “There’s a core group of players that look pretty good.”

Ramsden said the second day of tryouts was going to take place yesterday, but he had to push it to tonight.

When asked if there were any surprises so far this week with what he’s seen on the field, Ramsden said there weren’t any — other than the weather.

“Obviously, I’m very disappointed for the weather,” he said. “On Tuesday night, the field was in great shape for soccer. I don’t think the weather on Tuesday impeded the players at all.”

As a matter of fact, a little water on the grass is the optimum playing surface, Ramsden said.

“Where I’m from, that’s just a part of the game,” he said, who is a native of England.

Ramsden said he hopes to sort out who will be on the team tomorrow night, and will hopefully hold the team’s first practice on Saturday if the weather holds up.