Mizell wants 6 new psych beds

Published 12:03 am Saturday, January 28, 2012


Mizell Memorial Hospital is petitioning the state to add six new psychiatric care beds to its inpatient geriatric program.

Currently, MMH has 12 beds, which hospital officials were awarded in 2008.

“Mizell has fulfilled every commitment made to the board in its 2008 application for 12 beds, and the program’s request for six additional beds in order to expand existing services is now timely,” said Jana Wyatt, Mizell CEO. “The inpatient geriatric psychiatric program at MMH has significantly increased the quality of life for families of elderly patients in its service area by bringing into this rural area a cadre of highly qualified clinical professionals capable of providing intervention, diagnosis and care for the individual requiring mental health services.”

The program has earned the confidence of multiple referral sources in the area, including hospital staff, physicians at area hospitals, community service agencies, home health agencies, nursing homes and local courts, Wyatt said.

“Because of its reputation for quality and accessible care, its utilization has grown faster and has achieved higher utilization than other geriatric programs in Mizell’s identified primary catchment area,” Wyatt said. “Over the past couple of years, and primarily the last year, the program has had to turn away patients for lack of bed space. Allowing the program to add a minimal number of beds will adequately meet the local need and increasing demand for geriatric psychiatric services.”

The cost of the proposed project would be $520,000, which includes first-year operating costs, according to the petition filed with the State Health Planning and Development Agency.

If approved, construction is expected to cost $100,000; architect and engineering fees will be $5,000; equipment purchases are estimated at $15,000; and the first year’s operating cost is estimated at $400,000.

Those interested in submitting a written statement or have the desire to appear before the Certificate of Need review board must do so before March 12, and provide a copy of statements to Jana Wyatt, CEO, Mizell Memorial Hospital, 702 N. Main Street, Opp, AL 36467.

The application number is AL2012-020.

The state is expected to rule on the project sometime in May. If approved, the tenative project completion date has been set for Oct. 1.