Sharpe family holds 66th consecutive reunion

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Dec. 24, 2011, the Sharpe family had their 66th consecutive reunion.

The patriarchs of the Sharpe family, Jeptha Sharp and his wife, Leona Smith Sharp, started out in the Loango area. Then they moved to Red Level and farmed just north of Buck Creek Church. Mrs. Sharp had her hands full with 15 children, but two died at birth. Both Jeptha and Leona passed away in 1945, and the suggestion was made to have the family get together each year starting in 1946 on Christmas Eve. Of the 13 original children, all have passed on except for three – Earl Sharpe of Destin, Fla., Jesse Sharpe of Ozark and Lucy Sharpe Kilgore of Red Level.

About 40 people attended this year’s event. Each was to sign a registry, so their names could be included in this article. If your name is not listed, it’s your own fault. Everyone seemed to enjoy the gathering. There was sun most of the day, and the weather turned out great. We did not hear a single firecracker explode. Maybe this was because Glen Sharpe was not there?

Each year a different family is in charge of hosting the event. This year, the host was Jesse Sharpe, with help from his wife, Jean, from Ozark. Billy Joe Sharpe and his brother, Terry, sons of the late Gene Sharpe, helped to get the “house” in order. They aligned the tables and chairs and got the fire going. Ronnie Kilgore got there early and started the coffee and helped put on the tablecloths, getting ready for the abundance of food soon to arrive.

There was lots of food of all kinds…chicken and dumplings, ham, potato casserole, chicken, salads, cakes and pies. A picture of 11 of the original 13 children appeared on a cake made especially for the event, which went over very well.

Jesse Sharpe said a few words before Billy Joe gave thanks. He reminded us what this event is in memory of and what we all should be celebrating at Christmas. Jesse started a new tradition of giving a “gold” dollar to one outstanding person for their help in putting all the things together. This year the coin went to Ronnie Kilgore.

The descendants of the Virgie Wright family, Farrell and his wife, Rosalyn, will host the 2012 reunion and ask that all descendents of the Sharpe clan come to the reunion.

Those in attendance were:

From the Gene Sharpe family: Terry Sharpe and wife, Mary Jane, and her daughter, Michelle and children, Brently and Cole Armstrong; Steve Sharpe’s wife, Katheryn; Billy Joe Sharpe, and his friend, Julia Swain.

From the Virgie Wright family: Buddy and Sara June Smith, their daughter, Karen Price; Max Wright, his daughter, Shelia, and her husband, David Crissey; John, Debbie and Sara Stapleton from Fort Mill, S.C.; Farrell and Rosalyn Wright, and their son, Robert Wright and children, Ashley, Whitney and Taylor Wright.

From the Jim Sharpe family: Jimmy Joe Sharpe.

From the Lucy Sharpe Kilgore family: Lucy Kilgore; her sons, Phillip and Ronnie, and her grandson, Kim Kilgore.

From the Jesse Sharpe family: Jesse and his wife, Jean; their sons, Rodney and Richard, and his wife, Georgia Ann, and daughter, Amelia Sharpe.

From the Earl Sharpe family: Earl Sharpe.

Submitted by Lucy Kilgore