Ohio man charged with escape

Published 12:03 am Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Ohio probationer and convicted kidnapper is now facing an escape charge after he fled and injured a local probation and parole officer Tuesday.

Frank C. McQueen, 32, was convicted in Franklin County, Ohio, and released from prison on Jan. 20, said Eddie Cook, assistant executive director of Alabama Pardons and Parole.

Prison records indicate McQueen was given a one-year sentence; however, he served only three months before being released.


Cook said McQueen’s “home plan,” where he asked for his probation to be transferred from Ohio to Alabama, specifically Covington County, was approved in November; however, once he was released from prison, McQueen never reported to his parole officer, Nicole Appleyard. He said Appleyard began trying Jan. 25 to locate McQueen after she was unable to contact him at the address he provided in the plan.

“Officer Appleyard, who found out the house phone had been disconnected and that the person whom (McQueen) was supposed to be living with was not living there, immediately contacted authorities in Ohio,” Cook said. “Simultaneously, McQueen’s victim had contacted Ohio because he had not reported in, and she was in fear of her life.”

In turn, Ohio authorities issued a warrant for McQueen’s arrest since he failed to obey the reporting requirements.

Cook said McQueen reported to P&P office, which is located in the Covington County Courthouse, Tuesday.

“When he found out there was a warrant for his arrest, he apparently didn’t want to be arrested and ran out,” Cook said. “In that office, there are two swinging glass doors. When (McQueen) fled, (Appleyard) gave chase, and when she tried to keep the door from hitting her, her hand went through the glass.”

Cook said she wasn’t seriously injured and did not require stitches. P&P officers, along with the Andalusia Police Department and sheriff’s deputies, located and apprehended McQueen in the wooded area behind Powell Furniture a short time later.

McQueen is being held in the county jail without bond, currently awaiting extradition back to Ohio, where he will serve the remainder of his sentence.