Groundhog Day is gone: What’s Phil to do?

Published 12:01 am Friday, February 3, 2012

Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil told people to prepare for six more weeks of winter on Thursday, making him the minority opinion among his groundhog brethren who seem to think that spring is coming early.

However, groundhogs in at least four other states — West Virginia’s French Creek Freddie, Georgia’s Gen. Beauregard Lee, Ohio’s Buckeye Chuck and New York’s Staten Island Chuck (full name: Charles G. Hogg) — did not see their shadows.

No matter what one’s opinion on the impending weather may be, students at Straughn Elementary School said now that the groundhog’s work is done, it’s time to enjoy some serious down time.

Kayla Claire Stephens and Johnny Robert Boles both said the top “to do” thing on Phil’s list is to catch some zzzz’s.

“He’s going to sleep in his fur down deep in that thing called a burrow,” Stephens said. “That’s like a big ol’ hole.”

Wyatt Smith said the rodent is going to spend his time like fellow TV stars on Meerkat Manor.

“He’s gonna be hunting for food like a meerkat,” Smith said. “Then, he’s going to sleep all the way to Columbus Day.”

J.T. Ackerman said Phil will retire from the limelight – for the time being.

“He’s going to be in hiding, but he won’t be wearing any disguises,” Ackerman said. “He’ll probably be hiding under the covers under his bed.”

Annabella Godwin said that after such a stressful day in the media spotlight, Phil needs some serious retail therapy to help him recover.

“He’s goes shopping for veggies, and then, he might take a vacation,” she said. “When the summer is gone, he’s got to come back and hibernate so he’s ready to go back to work.”

Anna Katherine Livingston agreed with Godwin.

“I think he’s going to go shopping for some new clothes,” she said. “Then, when he gets back, he’s going to sit around and watch Spongebob.”