Glad to see ‘fair’ pricing

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 4, 2012

JCPenney’s fair pricing is a great thing for the large retail store. As a retailer, we have been pricing our jewelry fairly since we opened our doors in May of 1982. There has always been a “industry standard pricing scale,” but we always thought it was too high for the average person that works hard for their money. Many stores advertise high percentages off, but off of what kind of pricing structure. As a retailer, we cut those prices to the lowest FAIR PRICE.

We see jewelry nearly everyday that people bring in with a severely inflated appraisal price. It has always been hard to explain to the customer that the store over inflated the price just to make them feel they got a good deal. The piece of jewelry might have commanded that high price if the quality was much better and the mounting was a lot heavier, but this piece is not that quality. (Yes, their are companies that knock off the designs of others and reduce the quality to make people thing they got a fantastic deal.)

Being in a small town with fairly low overhead, we are able to sell quality jewelry at lower prices. We do service what we sell and guarantee everything. We love Andalusia, the people, and Covington Mall and plan on being in business for many years to come. I grew up in Covington County not far from Andalusia, and my daddy always said he was as close to paradise as he could get on this earth, well I feel I moved a little closer when I moved to Andalusia. I am really please to see other retailers are finally seeing the light and pricing merchandise the way they should have been priced all along FAIRLY!

Chris Lawrence

Christopher’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry. Inc