Candidates: Stay with unit system

Published 1:01 am Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Candidates for Covington County Commission chairman all agreed they support the unit system of managing the county’s roads and bridges, although one candidate would modify it.

Bill Godwin said, “I feel like maybe the county engineer was assigned too many duties with what he already had. I’m willing to look at that system, redistribute responsibilities, and give some more leeway to supervisors in the north and the south on what needs to be done at proper time, rather than be micromanaged by the engineer.”

Incumbent Lynn Sasser, who cast the deciding vote that broke the tie and moved the county to the current system of management, said a better names for the unit system is equipment consolidation.

“If you’re not familiar with equipment consolidation, there’s one major thing. It eliminates spending and useless equipment.”

Challenger Kylan Lewis said he supports the current system, but believes commissioners’ roles have not changed. Under the district system, each commissioner oversaw road work in his district.

Godwin also is advocating the development of a pay scale for county employees based on longevity and pay grade with merit steps. He also wants the top five candidates for each job to be interviewed by commissioners.

Lewis said he’s for “doing away with the good old boy system.”

Sasser said he believes department heads should hire the people who work with them.