Published 12:03 am Friday, March 2, 2012

“Be prepared,” was the message county EMA director Susan Harris gave Thursday as Covington County is expected to get hit again tonight with another severe thunderstorm system.

Harris, who called from a disaster preparedness seminar in Prattville, said the 2 p.m. briefing from the National Weather Service forecasted another storm system will make its way through the area late Friday evening and early Saturday morning.

“The line is expected to move into the county around midnight (tonight),” she said. “It appears it will travel southeast with potentially strong to severe storms with wind gusts and large hail.”

But, one can’t rule out the possibility of tornadoes, she said.

“We’ve been told to tell residents to be prepared and to not rule out brief, weak tornadoes that could be imbedded in the storm,” she said.

Carpenter recommended residents stay informed with all-weather radios.

Thursday afternoon, a warm morning gave way to brief, but strong, rains. Today and tomorrow, the temperature will drop to 69 degrees. On Saturday, the rain will continue throughout the day before clearing.

-Stephanie Nelson