Opp Council could give $25K to Miracle League

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Opp City Council posed several questions Monday night as Dwight Mikel asked for the city’s support in the $450,000 Miracle League project in Andalusia.

The city didn’t take any action toward making a contribution, but is looking at a contribution of $25,000 to be paid in five equal annual installments of $5,000 for the next five years.

Miracle League is a project designed to provide play activities for special needs children. The project is proposed for Johnson Park in Andalusia, but would serve the entire county.

Whether in team play athletics or in free play at the playground the Miracle League project will encourage interaction between both special needs and able-bodied children on these facilities and in these specially developed programs and activities.

Councilman Jimmy Rogers asked Mikel if Andalusia was the only location considered.

“Honestly, yes,” Mikel said. “The location is going to be in the middle of a lot of activity at Johnson Park. It will be in the middle of the other fields and the children won’t be segregated.”

Mikel explained to the council that by placing the field at Johnson Park, which is currently in the last stages of renovation, saves approximately $200,000.

Councilman Oren Stewart asked Mikel how long the project would take.

“It will be a three and a half month project – weather permitting,” Mikel said.