Local children talk leprechauns

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today marks St. Patrick’s Day, complete with displays of green, shamrocks and even leprechauns.

As tradition would have it, leprechauns are Irish fairies, who look like small, old men, standing 2 feet tall and often dress like shoemakers, with a cocked hat and leather apron.

Acco-rding to legend, leprech-auns are aloof and unfriendly, live alone and pass the time by making shoes. It is also said that they possess a hidden pot of gold.

The Star-News asked children gathered at Camp Sonshine on their day off from school, what they thought leprechauns wore when they didn’t wear their big, black hat.

Several children thought a leprechaun went without his hat, but had conflicting views on what a leprechaun’s hair looks like.

“I think he’s actually half bald,” said Ryan Mays. “He has a little patch on the side of his head.”

Trace Kilp-atrick thought differently.

“He has hair all over his head and he has a beard,” he said. “He doesn’t do anything when it’s not St. Patrick’s Day.”

Joseph Craft agreed that the leprechaun only wears his hat on St. Patrick’s Day.

“But he has a bald spot on his head,” he said.

“I think he has a buzz cut,” said Chad Long.

Ashlyn Kilpat-rick said he always wears his green bow tie and black belt.

Others said he dressed down during his off season.

“I think he wears red sweat shorts and Nike shoes,” said Talieu Whiso-nant. “He also plays basketball.”

Alana Wheeler and Court-land Williams said he wears shorts, short sleeves and long sleeves.

“He wears a tank top and some ‘short-sleeve’ pants,” said Tabitha Long.

Others like Madison Thom-pson had some “creative” ideas about what they thought a leprechaun wears when he’s not celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

“He loves to wear swimming trunks because he likes to swim,” she said.

“I think he wears an Indian costume,” said Jonathan Craft. “And that’s because he’s wild.”

“He wears a witch costume,” said Macie Walden.

“Oh! He dresses like the Cat in the Hat,” said Kayley Williams.

“I’ve seen him in a ninja costume,” said Bailey Faulkner.