Rodeo 5K winners released

Published 9:50 am Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three-hundred-and-fifteen people participated in the 2012 Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo 5K run/walk on Saturday.

Event organizer Emily Edgar said the “turnout was exceptional,” and noted that 67 more folks turned out for the 5K this year than last year.

“We were very pleased with that,” she said. “I’m not sure about the ratio from out of town to in town folks that participated, but we had a lot of people from our city that participated and from the county.”

Edgar said the participants ages ranged from 6-77.

“We look forward to having it again next year,” Edgar said.

The top three winners from the 5K in each male and female category is listed below:

Male Overall Winner: Drew Ackles with a time of 18 minutes, 7 seconds

Female Overall Winner: Laura Prior with a time of 23:49

Male 1-9: Curt Zorn, Evan Hennessey, Isaac Hennessey

Female 1-9: Evie Younce, Olivia Breedlove, Katherine Nelsen

Male 10-14: Zachary Jackson, Mike Ocztpok, Garreett Short

Female 10-14: Grace Jackson, Caroline Breedlove, Jansen Zorn

Male 1-14 Overall: Zachary Jackson

Female 1-14 Overall: Grace Jackson

Male 15-19: Joseph Breedlove, Coleman Jacobs, Ryan Gregory

Female 15-19: Ali Taylor, Savannah Gerber, Tori Norris

Male 20-24: Ryan Cooke, Tom Kersey, Garret Parker

Female 20-24: Jessi Reeves, Taylor McCulloch, Katie Kersey

Male 25-29: Daniel Klingelhutz, Nicholas Lewis, Maxwell Conrad

Female 25-29: Katie Barrentine, Ashley Conrad, Jan Burgess

Male 15-29 Overall: Joseph Breedlove

Female 15-29 Overall: Katie Barrentine

Male 30-34: Jay Johnson, Wayne Wilford, Jonathan Barbee

Female 30-34: Niki Adair, Monica Segrest, Shannon Metcalf

Male 35-39: Phillip Metcalf, Jason Robinette, Joshua Driver

Female 35-39: Kristina Bennett, Cindy Hall, Sarah Kelley

Male 30-39 Overall: Phillip Metcalf

Female 30-39 Overall: Kristina Bennett

Female Masters 40-49: Sheryl Pham, Paige Gill, Stephanie Smithart

Male Masters 40-49: Bob Walker, Gregory Hug, Marc Hamas

Male 40-44: Bob Walker, Gregory Hug, Marc Hamas

Female 40-44: Sheryl Pham, Stephanie Smithart, Samantha Zorn

Male 45-49: Angel Lunares, John Kelly, Mark Parker

Female 45-49: Paige Gill, Michele Gerlach, Charmon Collins

Male 40-49: Bob Walker

Female 40-49: Sheryl Pham

Female Grandmasters 50-59: Frances Williams, Ellyn Sans Souci, Letha Moore

Male Grandmasters 50-59: HB Jackson, Mike Million, Guy Wilkes

Male 50-54: HB Jackson, Kirk Thomas, Dennis Samac

Female 50-54: Letha Moore

Male 55-59: Mike Million, Guy Wilkes, Donald Bowling

Female 55-59: Frances Williams, Ellyn Sans Souci, Jan Breedlove

Male 50-59: HB Jackson

Female Age 50-59: Frances Williams

Female Senior Grandmasters 60-69: Shelley Robinson

Male Senior Grandmasters 60-69: John Baxley, Willie Tillis, Buddy Pyron

Male 60-64: Willie TIllis

Female 60-64: Shelley Robinson

Male 65-69: John Baxley, Buddy Pyron

Male 60-69: John Baxley

Female 60-69: Shelley Robinson

Male 70 Plus Senior Masters: Winston Howell, John Jackson

Male 70-98: Winston Howell

The top three female walkers were Melanie Lashley, Landra Mathews and Lori Stanfield; and the top three male walkers were Ferrell McDougald, Jimmy Jackson and Sonny Jones.