Passer-by reminds us to be proud

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This note was sent to the City of Andalusia through its web site recently:


We just passed through on our Spring Break – returning to Indianapolis from Destin. What a clean and friendly city you have. Every house, every corner was trimmed and tidy. It felt like a whole community pulled together to present itself to the tourists passing through!

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Julie Craft


The writer describes just the kind of image the city has worked hard to foster. Common sense tells us that, when traveling, we are more likely to stop in places that look attractive and inviting. When tourists stop, they spend money, which puts coins in our tax coffers to better pay for services.

Sometimes we focus on things that don’t suit us or need to be fixed and forget about the positives. Ms. Craft’s note was a great reminder.