Locals lose 545 pounds

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 13, 2012

The numbers show that those in the Scale Back Alabama program really did scale back – losing nearly 250 pounds more than in 2011.

This year, there were 34 teams local teams, or 136 individuals, who participated in the statewide weight loss initiative. The teams lost a combined total of 545 pounds.

“It really was another successful year,” said Valarie McCalman with Andalusia Regional Hospital. “We had 30 individuals who met the goal of losing at least 10 pounds, which was fantastic.”

McCalman said locals lost more weight this year than last. In 2011, 25 teams, or 100 people, lost a combined total of more than 300 pounds.

“At the weigh out (this year), participants seemed to be encouraged and are planning on continuing their weight loss venture,” McCalman said. “Several participants spoke of making a lifestyle change, not referring to it as a diet. We all know it takes eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.”

This is the sixth year for the statewide competition. It kicked off in January, and weigh outs were held on Monday and Tuesday.

Those who complete the contest and are on a team in which every member loses at least 10 pounds, are placed in a drawing for one of three grand prizes, the top prize being $1,000 per team member. There are also other prize drawings for individuals who lose at least 10 pounds, regardless of their team’s success, and still other prize drawings for people who have lost any weight and show up to weigh out.

The statewide announcement of the winners and prizes will be April 30.