Too late to run as independent

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anyone with thoughts of running on the November ballot as an independent candidate at the local level will have to think again.

Residents have asked if it were possible to run against the Republican candidates on the November General Election ballot, and the answer is “no.”

Janice McDonald with the Secretary of State’s office said Friday, the time to get on the ballot as an independent candidate is over.

“It’s a done deal,” McDonald said. “Under Alabama law, a potential candidate was required to file a petition by March 13 to be on the General Election ballot. That date has passed.”

Many locals have expressed their displeasure with the current commission, including its two incumbents who were elected to additional terms in the March 13 primaries, Harold Elmore and Carl Turman, after long-term employment contracts with the county administrator and engineer were approved Monday.

The contracts prohibit the firing of Brenda Petty or Darren Capps without cause. If either contract is terminated by the commission, the employee is entitled to receive compensation, including salary, benefits and payment for leave time, for the remainder of the contract.

The action prompted talk of launching third-party campaigns before the November General Election. Neither commissioner drew Democratic opposition, so each was effectively elected in the Republican primary.

A runoff for the Republican nomination for District 2 and commission chair will be held on April 24.

Since there also are no Democrats in those races, the primary runoff will decide if Bill Godwin or Kylan Lewis will be commission chairman, or if Joe Barton or Randall McCart will represent District 2.