Golf carts OK on streets?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Multiple reports of four-wheelers and golf carts riding on the main highways within the Opp city limits have prompted officials to look into measures that could allow residents to use these vehicles in designated areas, but to keep off the main thoroughfares.

Councilman Mickey Crew said at the council’s work session he has received multiple reports of children and adults alike riding within the city limits, and some near-misses.

“Are they not reporting to us,” Opp Police Chief Nickey Carnley asked.

Crew said they didn’t see the reason to.

“This is occurring near Kids World in District 3 and near the post office and probably other areas,” he said. “One was after dark, and it was a scare and they didn’t see them, and a lot of people are doing it.”

“It is against the law,” Mayor H.D. Edgar said. “And it’s awful hard to enforce.”

“If we get reports, we’ll talk to the parents,” Carnley said. “Right now, we only have one that is (street) legal and it is an ecar and it has a vin number and has a tag and insurance.”

Councilman Scotty Short asked Carnley how places such as Panama City Beach, Fla., can allow for specialized places that allow golf carts to ride.

“Maybe we can check into having a sticker,” he said. “Maybe charge $100 a year. We, of course, would have an inspection of the vehicle like tail lights.

“This could bring some revenue,” Short said. “This could just be for neighborhoods and not the main streets.”

“We’d have to look into the liability,” Edgar said.

Edgar asked Carnley to see what the options are.