Council could purchase new windows for city hall

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Though it took no action, the Opp City Council Monday night discussed the need to install or refurbish the existing windows at City Hall.

“The windows are rotting on the building, and it’s a similar situation to the building across the street (OPD),” said Mayor H.D. Edgar.

“We moved in here nine years ago, and we had these windows redone,” said City Planner Don Childre. “At that time, we had the sashes replaces and now the glass is dropping and the sashes are rotting out.”

Childre said the options are to repair them, but there will still be an energy and maintenance problem, or they can be replaced with aluminum double-paned windows.

“They will look as close to these as possible, and they are custom made,” Childre said.

The city received only one bid, but will rebid it. Catrett Construction, which is the same company that installed the windows at the Opp Police Department, bid $49,950 for 21 windows.

Edgar said the windows would last 25-30 years.

“It doesn’t have to be done now, but it does need to be done rather quickly,” he said.

Childre agreed.

“We lost the historical significance in the other building, and we are facing the same thing. Spend the money to have them repaired or we are going to lose them,” he said. “We already get rain the front of the building.”

Councilman Jimmy Rogers asked if there was any money available such as grants that would pay for these windows.

“I’m not aware of any,” Childre said.

“So we will have to pay for this out of general fund money,” Rogers asked. “Can we afford it?”

Edgar said he believed the city could afford it.

Councilman Scotty Short said he would like to have some more prices.

“I think I can get some other people to bid,” he said.

Edgar said the city would recoup the money within 15 years from the savings on electricity.