House votes to rewrite immigration law

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 20, 2012

The Alabama House of Representatives voted 64-34 to approve the rewrite of the immigration law on Thursday afternoon.

The bill will keep the core of the immigration law from 2011, but will make changes that will make it easier to enforce and less of a hassle for legal citizens and businesses.

Republicans largely voted for the bill, and Democrats voted against it, according to a story on

Those that wanted the law to be repealed mounted a filibuster, but couldn’t stop the vote, the story said.

The changes to the bill include “clarifying that police officers cannot question people about their citizenship during roadblocks and traffic stops, adding language to try to safeguard church ministry activities and clarifying that people don’t need to show proof of citizenship for mundane transactions such as tag renewals and getting their water connected.”

The bill now moves to the Alabama Senate.