Like birthdays? Support Relay

Published 11:36 pm Tuesday, April 24, 2012

They call themselves the “official sponsor of more birthdays.”

Participants in Covington County’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life are working to support research that could mean more birthdays for thousands of cancer patients.

The 230 participants on 29 teams have reported $84,988 for the cause so far, and fundraising will continue through this year’s event, set for Friday at the Kiwanis Fairgrounds.

Countless people have supported this worthy cause either by raising money or supporting bake sales, a 5K, tournaments of all kinds, pageants and raffles. Every dollar contributed helps in the fight against the dreaded disease that affects far too many Americans.

If you have never attended a Relay for Life event, it is a very moving experience at which survivors are celebrated; victims are remembered; and volunteers vow to fight back.

When cancer survivors and their family members take the first victory lap, there is rarely a dry eye in the place. By the end, walkers in the Relay have a sense of what it takes for patients to keep on keeping on in their fights to survive.

We hope we’ll see you at the fairgrounds, cheering them on as they work to help all potential victims celebrate more birthdays.