Legislature wasting efforts

Published 12:11 am Saturday, April 28, 2012

It was with much disgust that I read two articles in The Star-News over the last two weeks in reference to our ‘elected House,’ several of whom have made very stupid bill proposals. The Star-News was right on in the fact that they followed/printed the truth. Now, with that said, the ‘elected idiot’ from where ever proposed that ‘we’ the people elect to control “DIVORCE” between two people who are citizens of not only Alabama, but the United States, covered by the Constitution of the Republic of the United States, and have the right of freedom of choice, therefore, Alabama is null and void of this action. Plus, can you actually think that if you send a man/woman who had violent/financial/we don’t live here anymore issues to a ‘shrink,’ that they would just come together as a family again?

It takes a total idiot to introduce a bill to control this and it is such a waste of money. Vote him/her out next time.

Now, the issue of barbershops. Barbers are the second oldest of professions known to man, the first being ‘who-ha,’ and if you think about it, before you go to see a ‘who-ha,’ get your hair cut and groom your face. Barbers go to school, study the contours of the skull, the scalp, the kind/growth of hair, the shape of faces thus depicting how to trim facial hair, and they do this plus sometimes wash hair, massage scalps, and/or shave a face (no special training needed, just a certificate/license).

On the other hand, cosmetologists do all this PLUS use chemicals to bleach, dye, perm, wave hair; use high temp dryers; actually do make-up and by all rights, have the training/diploma/degree posted on their wall to prove it. Thus, there is every reason to impose safety/bond issues on this profession. So, all this news hype on this bill is just another bunk to draw attention to this representative’s district. These issues are just some of the things that our elected officials ‘chose’ to write bills to further help their district.

With the lack of funds to help our education system, Medicaid, etc, each and every one of our elected officials should be coming up with bills to stabilize these issues, not the aforementioned. We are losing teachers, either through lay-offs or through offers from other states with better pay/benefits, who are the “parents” for seven or eight hours a day of our children/grandchildren, and should be treated better than they are in Alabama. Another point in education is the now lack of culture, i.e. music and art in schools. These are as important as the “3 R’s” and in a lot of students’ lives, more so.

With that said, let’s get rid of “personal agenda and special interest” legislators and/or those who don’t really understand why they are in Montgomery and elect only those who will truly represent the citizens/issues of our great state.

So, it is this writer’s opinion, and mine only, that we get rid of these idiots and try to help our state instead of making us the “laughing stock” of late night TV.

Steve Bryant