Published 12:02 am Friday, June 8, 2012


Around 200 children and parents turned out for the first day of the Andalusia Public Library’s summer reading program – Dream Big!

Katherine Linnemanstons of the Coosa River Science School at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana was present to show off the school’s collection of nocturnal animals.

Participants learned about a variety of animals including, a musk turtle, a glass lizard and a California king snake.

Students also saw two raptors – a screech owl and a “mistake owl,” which was the result of those at the Coosa Science Center believing they had placed two male owls in the cage, but as it turns out one was female.

“There are only five owls in the whole world like Mendel,” she said. “The mother was an African spotted eagle owl and the father was an Ethiopian spotted eagle owl. We named him Mendel because of the genetics.”

Finally, participants had the opportunity to pet a 2-year-old American alligator.

Next week, Russell Davis, the magician, will be at the 3 p.m. reading program on Thursday.