Baptists spearhead sex addiction recovery

Published 12:02 am Saturday, June 9, 2012

We are a culture in sexual overload, and according to Dr. Clyde Northrop, it’s the very reason there is a need for a local sexual addiction recovery group.

Established through the Andalusia Area Ministerial and Covington Baptist associations, the group is being headed by Northrop, a retired military chaplain and pastor since 1958.

On each Thursday in June, a free informative meeting about the group and the services provided will be held at 7 p.m. at Andalusia’s First Baptist Church.

“This group will be for men who want to admit they have sexual addictions that are out of control,” Northrop said. “Maybe they view porn and can’t stop, or maybe they tried to stop and it didn’t work. Or if they’re in an affair and want to get out, but find their self drifting back to it.

“Studies show person can get hooked on the sexual chemical produced by the brain at about the same speed that someone can become hooked on meth,” Northrop said. “Sex can be found on the Internet, in comic books, on TV. You even have video games with scantily clad women. The result is a lot of people, in one form or another, become addicted to the sex available in media today.

“The fall out from that is that there are a lot of guys who are just hooked,” he said. They want a way to get unhooked, and it’s not easy. That’s what this group is all about.”

Northrop, who holds a doctorate in Christian counseling, said the group will be organized “sort of like AA” or Alcoholics Anonymous, and is called L.I.F.E. for “Living in Freedom Everyday.” The closest group of this kind is in Dothan.

“Our local group is for any man who feels like he really wants to get rid of his sexual addiction,” he said. “He has to admit he has a problem first. We are a Christian group, so they have to be OK with that. He has to agree it’s anonymous. We don’t talk about it outside the group. Then, have to agree to regular and faithful to the weekly meetings and to do the materials.

Northrop said the Thursday meeting is for anyone to get information on the group, which will offer both treatment and support.

“This meeting is for anyone to ask questions,” he said. “It does not require commitment. You don’t even have to give name. And why the group will open to men only, anyone can come and look at material, get idea of what going on and ask questions.”

For more information, contact Northrop at 334-222-6736.