Response based on beliefs

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To the editor:

I was taken aback by the editorial “By any other name…”. I respect the right to express opinions. Therefore, I would like to offer mine. As a Christian, I hope this response isn’t seen as mean-spirited or as an attack, but as an open and honest debate based on facts and personal beliefs.

Regarding how the church of a friend “didn’t love her son back” because he was homosexual: Like Mrs. Gerlach, I cannot truly determine if someone loves another person. However, failure to condone all behaviors does not constitute the absence of love. When children act on impulses or “urges” (talking disrespectfully, lying) and a parent identifies that as wrong, does that mean the parent does not love the child? Conversely, it fosters personal responsibility.

Regarding the statement that the editor doesn’t “know anyone who is homosexual because he or she chose to be”: Such statements remove any personal responsibility from one’s actions. I seriously doubt that anyone could find a pedophile that will state they “chose to be” such. They state they are attracted to children. Does personal preference or desire make behavior acceptable? A married man cannot excuse infidelity by stating that he was “attracted to” a woman other than his wife. If I could steal without getting caught, does my desire for money make my CHOICE TO ACT excusable? Most people believe it one’s personal responsibility to deny sinful/unethical/immoral desires.

I was offended by the haughty tone of “Thump your Bible…,” but I will write that statement off to personal opinion regarding people who choose to believe the Bible IN ITS ENTIRETY. 1Corintians 6:9-10 and Romans 1:24-32 address a multitude of sins, including homosexuality. Homosexuality is also addressed in Genesis 19 (cities were destroyed) and Leviticus 18:22.

Regarding the statement “in Biblical times, women were chattel who were bought and sold and marriage was about being controlled by a husband for whom one worked”: The Bible supports a much different attitude towards wives. Ephesians 5:25 states “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her”. Also, the statement that the early church promoted celibacy seems strange in light of the significant amount of scripture dealing with marriage (Proverbs 5, 18, 19, 31, Ephesians 5, Colossians 3, Hebrews 13, etc).

The editor asked if we were as outraged and offended by war, poverty, and hunger as we are by homosexual marriage, would we “do something about it”. There are efforts underway to end violence, poverty, and hunger – from many different organizations. There are also efforts underway to prevent homosexual marriage. The difference is how these efforts are portrayed in the media. While the efforts to end violence, poverty, and hunger are praised, the efforts to prevent homosexual marriage are vilified and relegated to “Bible thumping” by conservative extremists.

It is a blessing to be able to debate such topics in an open format without fear of reprisals. I thank God and our country for that.


God bless,

Josh Hilburn